Case Studies

International City Delegation

Challenge – An international delegation requested introductions to key local government, academic, and industry leaders in Massachusetts (greater Boston) throughout the life science and healthcare community, with the goal to establish a “sister city” partner relationship.

ShelleyCO Approach – Reached out to local government and industry officials and key representatives of the healthcare and life science companies to arrange a comprehensive multi-day itinerary with all requested representatives.

Result – “Within a month, Shelley made all the necessary arrangements to introduce the two delegations. The schedule was flawless and beyond expectation – all introductions were exactly the type of people we needed to meet.” Hahn–Jun Lee, President, Focus Therapeutics, LLC who helped broker the process.

New Life Science Software Company

Challenge – Client wanted introductions and facilitated discussions with potential investors and collaborators for pilot studies that could lead to new clients.

ShelleyCO Approach – Arranged and facilitated numerous introductions to interested investors and collaborators.

Result – “Shelley was so accomplished that I immediately asked her to stay engaged and be our acting EVP Business Development, Life Sciences Division. I need her to continue her effectiveness in helping us penetrate the life science and healthcare markets on all business fronts. She is so efficient in uncovering new opportunities.” – Robert Cooper, CEO, iQuest Analytics

Local Contract Research Organization (CRO) Alliance

Challenge – Multiple principals of several small specialty CRO companies indicated they wanted to develop a business development partnership. They approached Shelley Amster to develop and implement.

ShelleyCO Approach– Met with each of the principals separately and as a group on a scheduled basis to understand each business, and to sequence services aligned with the biopharma discovery and development process; met with various senior contacts in the life science community to discuss the alliance value proposition.

Result – Within months, Apelles Partners was established and operational. The group now shares business development resources and new clients. “Due to Shelley’s top qualities: personable, good value, high integrity, she was contracted to lead this effort.” – Balaji Bhyravbhatla, CEO, XTAL Biostructures, Founding Member of Apelles Partners

International Contracted Research Organization (CRO)

Challenge – International CRO wanted to launch their new services throughout North America, and need to identify the competitive and client landscape.

ShelleyCO Approach –Developed and launched a process. Identified the target market, provided supportive marketing materials, and arranged meetings with interested clients for the company’s CEO and/or CTO. Hundreds of new organizations were identified, approached, and meetings arranged.

Outcome – “Shelley quickly developed contacts within our target market – she used her terrific enthusiasm and broad range of experience to interact with the leaders in the industry. She has both a solid reputation and extensive network. We have several new accounts now and plenty of potential leads.” – Anthony Bishop, CEO, Cerca Insights

Early Stage Biotech

Challenge – CEO approached Shelley to help her raise the next round of funding and expand their network of contacts.

ShelleyCO Approach – Arranged introductions and facilitated discussions with potential investors and new advisors.

Outcome – “Shelley facilitated an introduction for me with a Key Opinion Leader in women’s health. I’d been trying to contact this KOL for many months but didn’t know how to contact her to ask her to sit on our advisory board. Shelley made it happen in less than two days!” – Yael Schwartz, Ph.D., CEO and Founder Hygeia Therapeutics