Raj Rajur

CreaGen Biosciences and CreaGen Life Science Incubator 

Shelley is my ‘godmother.’  Without hesitation, she looks for everyone’s best interests and opportunities.  She mentors my clients, team and even my family, especially my sons.  She never holds back doing what needs to be done or what ‘doors need opening’ to help everyone.  It is an honor to work with such a generous, energetic and supportive human being. I feel blessed to have her as my partner and especially in her inner-circle.


Vincent Sordello to John Hallinan
COO at HS Pharmaceuticals to CBO at MassBio


I thought it prudent to circle back with you regarding Shelley Amster, the individual you sent us to regarding our CMO/CDMO needs.

Well, I’m very pleased to say Shelley has been nothing short of sensational and has introduced us to a very good potential source (or two!).

We have CDA’s signed with two organizations and are awaiting price quotes from the first company in our queue, who happens to be led by a very dynamic female professional.

For any future MassBIO member bio-needs, I would strongly recommend Shelley as an outstanding go-to resource!

Warmest regards,


Vincent Sordello
Chief Operating Officer
HS Pharmaceuticals, LLC


Vince –

100% agreement – Shelley is a vital part of the ecosystem connecting the pieces and completing the puzzle, and “outstanding and go-to” are accurate labels!

John Hallinan

Chief Business Officer


Steve Bannister
Pharmaceutical development consultant

Shelley combines her technical training and experience with great communication and exceptional attention to detail to the advantage of the client. She is continuously expanding her network. Shelley is also continuously looking for connections and making introductions among her associates.

Balaji Bhyravbhatla
Managing Director at HyLasCo Bio-Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Shelley is a great person to work with, personable and trustworthy. She is using her network to bring in new business and build the consortium in the Boston area.


Andy Friedman
Sr. Director, Drug Development at Johnson & Johnson

Shelley is the ideal business partner. She is very bright, highly organized and dedicated to excellence. She takes great pride in doing the best she can and has always worked more than required to achieve the best possible results. She pushes herself to learn as much as she can and is exceptionally reliable, trustworthy and loyal. In short, Shelley adds tremendous value to…more

Bernard Munos

Shelley is a focused, thorough, and dedicated person who just does not give up. She stays on the task until she has delivered. She has also a pleasant and engaging personality that gets along well with people.

Zach Dicker
Managing Director–BiotechScienceNews

Shelley is sharp, solid and a delight


Ahsan Awan
Vice President, Global Client Service, LEADconcept

Shelley is an extraordinary woman with amazing resources and contacts throughout the life science industry. She has excellent organizational skills, and her commitment to quality is unmatched. Those who know her professionally trust her, and her loyalty over time has given rise to theirs in turn. Inside of that, Shelley can be counted on to deliver real measurable results;…more


Bruce Cohen
Executive Chairman at Xagenic Inc.

Shelley is a terrific Business Development professional with a broad range of experience in fast-moving biotech companies. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable about the field and has an excellent reputation for getting things done at all levels. Her experience gives her the ability to interact with the leaders in the industry and she has both a solid reputation and…more